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Miho, a professional calligrapher, makes her talents available through this web site, creating custom Japanese calligraphy for purchase as gifts or tattoos. In the process, she transliterates the requested English names or phrases to Japanese/Chinese characters, personally choosing corresponding characters with symbolic significance and creating poetic meaning and individual expression. This is truly original and custom calligraphy for someone special.

Unique Gift Ideas! Custom Japanese Calligraphy is great for:

  • Newborn Babies
  • Weddings or Wedding Parties
  • Birthdays, Mother/Father’s Days...
  • For someone you love or for yourself...
  • Have your favorite words or poetry translated into Japanese calligraphy.

Personalized Tattoos!

When Miho creates custom calligraphy, characters are formed together based on the overall meaning. This beauty and energy can’t be achieved by pasting pre-made stock characters together—if those characters are even available!