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If a word or phrase is special enough to permanently tattoo on your body, why not use one of a kind custom calligraphy instead of the stock characters usually available at tattoo studios. When Miho creates custom calligraphy, characters are formed together based on the overall meaning. This beauty and energy can’t be achieved by pasting pre-made stock characters together—if those characters are even available! Miho will also explain the meanings that the characters take. Step-by-step instructions outlining the stroke order of the characters are provided for the tattoo artist and delivered along with the reproduction of the the final calligraphy.

Tatoos cost $50.00 each per name/word. For phrases or combinations of multiple words, please call or email miho to discuss directly.

Shipping is FREE with every order from within the United States. International Shipping costs an additional $15.00.

These prices are strictly for individual use only and reproduction of the artwork for resale or corporate use is prohibited. Miho also does calligraphy for logo/brandmark design, wedding/party materials, and other graphic design applications. For more information, please call or email miho.