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The calligrapher, Miho Hagino, was born in Japan in 1964, and began practicing Japanese/Chinese calligraphy at the age of three. She was certified as a SHIHAN (a master of Japanese calligraphy) from Shosen Japanese Calligraphy Association in Japan in 1980, at the age of sixteen, which is the youngest age that a person can obtain a certificate.

For those of you who are educated about calligraphy and pen names, Miho does not use her pen name for two reasons. First, Miho is a fine artist whose works have been shown in numerous galleries in the United States. Fine art typically reflects the true name of the artist, and Miho has become accustomed to being known for herself. Second, in Japanese culture, a pen name has tremendous power, and Miho feels that the work should have more power than the name attached.

Miho also does calligraphy for logo and brandmark design, wedding and party materials, and other graphic design applications. She is also available for commissioned calligraphy on larger scale paper or materials.