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Paper is included with the calligraphy, but cost is determined by the type of paper specified for the order. In addition, a frame can be added to further accentuate and personalize the calligraphy and provide a ready-to-hang gift. Miho carefully considers each piece and transliterates each name or phrase into Chinese characters, investing meaning into each form to create a special meaning for an individual order. As this is a formative and custom process, Miho usually requires two or three weeks to finish a piece once she receives the order. With the finished calligraphy, an explanation of the characters' meanings is included.

Shipping is FREE with every order from within the United States. International Shipping costs an additional $15.00.

These prices are strictly for individual use only and reproduction of the artwork for resale or corporate use is prohibited. Miho also does calligraphy for logo/brandmark design, wedding/party materials, and other graphic design applications. For more information, please call or email miho.


--- calligraphy included with cost of paper ---
All the decorative paper/materials used for calligraphy are personally chosen by Miho and imported from Japan. This collection of shapes and colors accentuate the poetic names or phrases written by Miho.

These well-crafted frames were made specifically for Shikishi and Tanzaku papers and are also imported from Japan.